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This is post which contains about my experience which I did when I was in Egypt during the internship of my college. As I am the student of history it was always a curiosity in me know about the civilization of ancient history. I was there and was decided to go the world’s famous tomb of pharaoh next morning which was in my area of interest. I was all alone there, after returning from the site I use to be all alone in hotel room which forced me to make a search of games related to the tomb game and I found which I liked the most was Pharaoh’s Tomb. The concept and the theme were totally based on the ancient history of Egypt.

There are many ways to know how to play the aristocrat pokies and its strategy to win. You can also play free pokies online and wheres the gold free for fun without download it. Many poker machines gives free spins for iPhone users when they play it. Some gamers plays for fun but some for only money. I play for both reasons.

This is featured with five reels and 20 lines of pay which is designed by micro-gaming. This is designed in such a way that there is not any such problem for the new comer to go on with. In this a player can go for the option to choose eight different way of real money in the slots and have the option of going through 20 coins on each play lines. As you can see in most of the poker, the basic thing which a player has to do is to make a match of the symbols provided, also in this one you have to make a combination of symbols from left to right. This strategy can make you win many bonuses and credits. I use to go through this every night and even in my spare part of time. I won many prizes and of course some real cash too which overwhelmed me. The key to success of mine was that I went for the complete read of the user manual which was provided on the site itself.

I would like to suggest the readers to go for this to make your time to pass in a funny way rather than making it in habit of making real capital leaving behind your essential work.

Play Online Pokies Free With No Deposit and Download Option, Get Some Free Spins to Play Wheres The Gold and 88 Slot Machine

There was a very common thinking that casino playing was only for the adult persons. Minors were not allowed to play this, because mature persons think that this was only their cup of tea not of the minors. This thinking came into peoples mind because this was restricted in many countries. This was not legal in all countries even today, but some countries legalized it. Fortunately, I am also a native of the country where there are not as such restrictions related to the casino gaming. So, in my country if you are an amateur you can also enjoy playing these. My uncle was a regular player of these. I watched them playing these when I visited them on a weekend. I sit beside him and watched him playing in the curiosity of knowing what he is doing.

I started monitoring them and watched him continuously to learn about the playing techniques. My uncle, who was just like a friend of mine, traced my eyes. He then asked me that would you like to play this. I stood shocked because my father never allowed me all these. Firstly, I started negotiating them, but he had already observed that I was interested in playing this. I agreed with him and sit with him to play this. He opened a new game for me named as K9 Capers. This was mainly designed for the amateur and minor players. Firstly, he explained me all the terminologies related to casino. After that he explained all the rules and regulations.

One day i was searching some free pokies game for playing on my mobile. There i found some other like online 88 poker and wheres the gold with free spins and no deposit bonus option. And i got some best ones which i can play with no download feature. After those i bought some more via paypal. I really enjoyed those and played a lot on my android phone.

After a little session from my uncle, I started exploring it. That was a dog themed slot consisting of 20 pay lines and 5 reels. The graphics and sound effects are fantastic and they are little bit similar to the play station. The winning criteria was very simple just spin the machine and wait for the winning combination. If you are able to get it you are a winner. Coins are needed to make a bet. My uncle already had the account on the website so there was not any need for me to register there. I made my first bet and spin the machine. I lose that bet. My uncle started laughing by watching my face after losing the bet. I started feeling irritated. In that angry flow I made my second bet. And this time I won the bet, now my uncle’s face was worthy of watching. I laughed loudly at him. This cycle goes on and on. I enjoyed too much on that day. After that I started finding chances to visit my uncle’s house and playing this.

My First Experience with Mad Hatters

Games are the interesting part of our life. I too fond of these either they are online or playing them in a casino on a slot machine. Once upon a time when I was on a tour with my friends, we were enjoying a lot but soon they all slept when we reached there in the night after having our supper. Now I felt bored so I decided to play these. I started searching for the games. At the end I found a Mad Hatters. When I saw it, I came to know that this was based on the movie Alice in the Wonderland. I became so much excited to play this because I remembered the tea party in the movie as I watched it previous night. I saw the characterized things there. So I prepared myself to play the Mad hatters.

Now I have options from different casino sites as they were providing multiple offers. Like 30 free spins or free dollars etc. Now I have to collect information to play this, as that was new for me. Then I came to know that mad hatters was a 5 reels, 30 payline slot machine with free spins, scatters, wilds, bonuses and great jackpots. The main concern in this is that the wild symbol mad hatters which provide more options to win big. In this there are bunny symbols scattered on the reels that will activate the free Spins Bonus play. They will win up to 50 free spins according to the scattered symbols. The winnings are paid according to that. The other symbols which was scattered on the reels to activate the bonus chance and one can win thousands of coins. One has the options of choosing an extra wild symbol to better the odds of winnings.

Let’s come to the symbol that provides the complete winning combinations. I concerned more on this symbol as I was excited to win more and more. This symbol substitutes the other symbols for extra winning combinations. I also came to know that the Mad hatters slot machine consisting of buttons that control the play i.e. to select the lines to be activated, coins for betting and spin the reels. It also includes an expert mode for speeding up the wheels in a row. So it’s simple for instant win.

When I started playing, I was totally lost in this. I started winning more and more. My eagerness was increasing as it starts going on. Now I have to win the jackpot that was $50,000. When my friends watched me winning, they too started playing and betting on it. We won a lot that day and enjoyed it till the last. I used to play it daily when I get extra time. Once you play this you will forget all others you tried before.

Played “Untamed: Bengal Tiger” on the Thailand trip

It was mid-summer, and my brother in law was about to get married. So we decided to party little hard before that, with all the bachelor party fun, including the weed, strippers, slots, booze, beautiful landscape and all at fair prices.

Considering the fact, only one place came in to my mind that can be perfect and fulfil all the criteria, i.e. The Thailand. Although as a general rulegambling is not legal in Thailand, however it is in the nature of the south east region people to bet and being fun loving type of person.

Since Gambling is a major source of income for the black economy, including drug trafficking, tax evasion, and prostitution. So in order to fulfil the needs and make tons of profit as well, the neighbouring counties of Thailand have grabbed the opportunity. And what they have done is just amazing that way they have tackled everything by increasing the state revenue, promote tourism, and creating new businesses and jobs and how they did it?

They did it by setting up casinos just across the border of Thailand. So we made it clear that we will be going to Thailand and not anywhere. Reaching there we really enjoyed the cheap booze, the exotic island, hey we also did scuba diving there. After all this nature fun, we hired a cab and get to the Cambodia after crossing the border. And there we were in the casino drinking beer and having fun. Being in an Asian country, there were games based on the themes of Asia. I played “Untamed: Bengal Tiger” there and really enjoyed it as well, which is a non-progressive video slot machine with 5 spinning reels and many combinations to win. We also enjoyed some other services like massage parlours, beauty salons, exercise rooms and saunas and really had the best time of our lives.

Reaching rich with Riviera Riches

The moment I remember about my trip to France I get overwhelmed. I was there for the summer internship from my college with one of my best friend. We use to be all alone after the internship and were nothing interesting for both of us to do. Eventually I made a search about the famous things about this place and I found that gambling is on top. I thought to go to casino but my friend advised me to do betting through online. I searched for that and found Riviera Riches the most promising and interesting one to go with. The most beneficial part of this one is that you access anytime from anywhere. You can access to this one by many mean such as via QR code, email or sms.

The interface and graphics is much pleasing one which will keep you engage in its environment with its bright colours and make you refresh. The most amazing one is its background sound track which will make you to lose in its tune. As there are many scattered symbols which a user can use that to gain many credits and bonuses. The logo of the game is the wild symbols among many of them which you can use for maximum win. There are many icon being characterizes such as ladies and gentlemen with style, luxurious cars and glasses of wine. The only thing which a user has to do is making a combination of two scattered symbols simultaneously in the slots of the reels. It is featured with five reels and certain lines of pay. When two bonus of roulette appears on first and fifth reels concurrently the bonus is being activated. I won many prizes. It is much simple for the new comer to make a start with by going through the manual guide.